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Although the streams on which I guide vary in depth, width, and "fishability", there are common elements that, once known, can enhance my clients' chances for success. First, due in part to the low number of insect species, trout in these streams are not as selective as they could be. Admittedly, the Giant Michigan Mayfly hatch that occurs in late June and early July on all Northern Michigan streams is important, but trout can be taken on many patterns during this period. Usually, a "generic" pattern will be most effective instead of a precise "hatch match". I often encounter several different insects on the water in varying numbers so perhaps that's why these generic patterns work so well. Second, the largest fish in a given stream are almost exclulsively nocturnal in their feeding habits. For those willing to try this type of fly fishing, they will discover how surprisingly simple and effective it is.

Third, water levels often dictate where we'll fish. Spring run off often makes some streams unfishable for days, while others clear in less than 24 hours. Air and water temperatures are important as well and I monitor them regularly.

Fourth, my clients wade all the streams we fish. The stream banks are lined with dense tree growth and shrubs so fishing from the bank is impractical at best and usually impossible.

Finally, fishermen can expect to use all fly fishing methods in a day, plus some we may have to develop specifically for the situation at hand. After all that's the fun of fishing---a little knowing applied to a whole lot of not knowing--- all intended to get a trout to come to the fly.

fly fishing content