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Fishing Report

Fishing report, June 24, 2018
After dark fishing is coming on steadily if not slowly. Cool overnight temps have stifled insect and fish activity but warming trends will change that dramatically.

The Pigeon is coming on the strongest. Brown Drake and Hex hatches have stepped up and the big fish have responded. Macintosh Landing downstream has been hot with both Brown Drake and Hex hatches occurring nightly. This has presented challenges as far as fly patterns that will take fish consistently. Recently Brown Drake spinner falls draw the fish out but they seem to be waiting for the bigger Hex flies to appear. Noting rise forms and insect activity are key to fooling these sometimes picky fish. Pine Grove Campground has been very good but upstream sections around Elk Hill campground have shown good activity also. Hexes won't get going up further for a week of two.

The Maple hex hatch has started and the best action is below Brutus Road bridge but that will change gradually and move upstream. If the flies don't come off, toss a big deer hair bug or frog imitation and hang on.

The Black has fished well around Tin Shanty Bridge. Mahogany dun spinner falls have been heavy when the temps hold until dark or after. Hexes are due but the cool spring has delayed this hatch in this area.

With all the attention given to after dark fishing, daytime fishing is often overlooked. DON'T DO THIS! Good hatches of BWOs, Cahills, PMDs, and caddis abound and trout are not ignoring them. Mornings have been outstanding on the Pigeon and the west branch of the Sturgeon. Sure, you might not net a 20 incher but 20-30 fish in three hours of fishing is nothing to overlook. Just a thought.

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