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Fishing Report

Fishing report August 20, 2018
Low water levels and above normal air temps have called for some adjustments in methods, but fishing remains good over the region. Pre-dawn until about noon has been the best period to fish.

The Pigeon continues to fish well from Pine Tree Campground upstream. PMD and BWO hatches have been steady and the famous Trico hatches are happening up and down this section of the river. Afternoon hopper fishing has been good at times although on hot days it's not worth the effort.

The west branch of the Sturgeon is showing a few migrants from the mainstream. Early morning is the best time to toss big streamers in the pools and under logjams.

The Maple is fishing well in the airport area. Careful wading and precise casting will bring some brookie action. This also is an early morning event, from pre-dawn to about 10am.

The Black has fished well also, early mornings being the best. In areas where springs and feeder creeks are present fish have started to congregate to escape thel heat. They can be easily caught but easily stressed as well. A cooling off is needed to get these fish going again.

Terrestrials are the dominant food item these days. Hoppers, beetles, ants, and crickets tumble into the streams and provide a steady if not varied food source. Try a hopper with an ant dropper. It's remarkable how many two fish hookups occur with this combination.

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