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About Tony D

I began fly fishing at the age of nine. Then, it was wet fly and streamer fishing for brook trout on streams and beaver dams near my home, Gaylord. In a year, I was tying my own flies, mostly because I was losing them at an alarming rate and my Dad's fly supply was being depleted as well as my own. We often would sit and tie flies together. He knew many of the professional tiers in Grayling and would always have a few tips for me he'd learned from them. Through high school, I began to learn about brown trout and dry fly fishing, specifically night fishing. Thanks to my Dad, I learned about reading water and river features that greatly improved my success.

College and military service took me away from Northern Michigan but I was privileged to live and fish in Alaska for three and a half years. Admittedly the fishing there was exceptional, but I missed the variety and accessibility of the fishing in Michigan.

Although I've only had my own guiding and instruction business since 1999, I've guided and taught fly fishing since I returned to Northern Michigan in 1974. Sharing the fly fishing experience with my clients has been enjoyable and rewarding. I look forward to the new season with the eagerness and anticipation I felt at nine, recognizing what little has changed over the years, save a deeper love and respect for the sport and the resource.

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